Thursday, 18 April 2013

Review | Sleek Au Naturel Palette

I bought this a little while ago now and I had wanted to get a Sleek palette for some time because they looked such good quality for the price. I've used the MUA palettes quite a lot and I still really love them, this palette is very similar in quality but slightly better I would say. The eyeshadows have good pigmentation especially the sparkly, shimmery ones. I really love the colour range as well, from one extreme to the other, white to black. The top six shades are nice light neutrals and the bottom six are beautiful rich, darker shades. I'm not particularly keen on Honeycomb, Toast or Taupe simply because they have weird orangey/yellow tones to them and just don't look good on my fair complexion. But I do really love Moss, Mineral Earth and Regal. I tend to lean towards deeper shades for some reason. 

All in all I love this palette and it's great for creating a range of different looks. The packaging looks and feels high quality, as do the eyeshadows themselves. The price is very good for what you get but if you just want something super cheap I would recommend MUA's palettes. I also want to try more of Sleek's make up as this is my only purchase from them so far. I definitely like the look of their blushes and contour kit!


  1. this looks so beautiful i love neutrals on my eyes. so sad i can't pick up sleek were i live.

    1. Have a look on their website they might ship worldwide I'm not too sure x